What does a real purpose driven company look like?

This is perhaps one of the most vexing questions faced by businesses post-pandemic.  The issue here is the high degree of subjectivity that may be applied in the interpretation of what a business thinks makes it purpose-driven and what their stakeholders believe would make it purpose-driven.

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  • AI Right? Supporting Humanitarian issues through Data & Tech

    AI Right? Episode 7 – Supporting Humanitarian issues through Data & Tech

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  • UK Data Salary Survey 2022

    Introducing the UK Data Salary Survey 2022


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  • AI Right?: Pathways into Machine Learning

    • AI Right? Episode 6 – Pathways into Machine Learning

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  • Data Talent Scotland

    I was delighted to host a panel at Data Talent Scotland earlier this month. It was exciting to be back at a face-to-face event, mixing with some of the biggest employers in the data industry as well as meeting and chatting with the next generation of data talent.

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  • Is your Company’s Mission Clear, Open and Focused?


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  • data science on a laptop monitor

    Industry Leaders on the Future of Data Science with Christina Boididou (BBC)

    In our new blog series, Industry Leaders on the Future of Data Science, we asked industry leaders from across the UK what they expect to see from data science in 2022.

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  • Data Scientists Make Their Predictions for 2022

    2022 is fast approaching and the data science industry is showing no signs of slowing down, despite a year of rapid changing across the way people work, their compensation, benefits and a continually heating market that will face skills shortages well into 2022.

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  • Industry Leaders on the Future of Data Science with Davide Anastasia (Audigent)

    In our new blog series, Industry Leaders on the Future of Data Science we asked industry leaders from across the UK what they expect to see from data science in 2022.

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  • Industry Leaders on the Future of Data Science with Gavin Allan


    In our new blog series, The Future of Data Science from Industry Leaders, we asked industry leaders from across the UK what they expect to see from the industry in 2022.

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  • A connected world

    Industry Leaders on the Future of Data Science with Martin Thorn (abrdn)

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  • An Apple Magic Keyboard sits on a desk

    Data Skills Workforce Development

    Around six years ago, I started collaborating with folks at The Data Lab (TDL). One of the many things we did together is the now well-established MSc Placement Programme. At the time I started working on it, it wasn’t a thing. Universities had always done placements, sure – but something as large and complex as what we had planned – nope, that was new. That was big and scary and different!

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  • A laptop on a desk with two note books. One is orange, one is blue.

    Forget the Top Dogs, Talk to the Humans

    So, that was Lockdown. The drift back to ‘normal’ has begun. Offices are re-opening, up and down the country, and shops and entertainment, too.

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  • A white page with 'branding and marketing' written on it in black ink

    The UK Data Market - Does your Tech Team have a brand?

    I work with businesses of every size and any sector, from the biggest names in telecoms, finance, and retail, to AI start-ups and data consultancies with 10 employees.

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  • a woman sits at her laptop, in front of a window over looking a city. Potted plants are on the desk.

    Reducing Barriers for Women in Tech with Strathclyde University

    Earlier in the month, I collaborated with Strathclyde Women+ in Tech to delivering a session on getting started in STEM and showcasing data literacy.

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  • Two business people shake hands at the end of a job interview

    How to Optimise Your Tech and Data Candidate Selection

    In my last article, I looked at the value of a positive candidate experience during the marketing and advertising stage of the hiring process and the importance of ensuring a universally positive candidate experience to attract as wide, diverse and suitable mix of applicants as possible. 

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  • The Future of Data Science

    From the Need for Increased Deliverables to Perfecting the Balance Between Human and Machine Interaction

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  • How Business Leaders Are Harnessing Compassion and Empathy to Lead in the Modern Work Environment

    How Business Leaders Are Harnessing Compassion and Empathy to Lead in the Modern Work Environment

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  • A photograph of a server room

    9 Ways Data Can Empower Your Business

    Looking back over the past year many organisations have taken steps to harness the power of their data.

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  • Build a diverse and inclusive team

    Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

    Inspired by MBN Solution’s ‘The Future of Talent’ whitepaper, The Scotsman recently discussed how organisations can ensure their workforce is filled with talented individuals. Amongst other points, harnessing remote working, building a diverse team and clear communication of your organisation’s purpose are all flagged as imperative in attracting top talent. Read what The Scotsman said below:

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  • A JavaScript Developer working on a JavaScript project at a Macbook Pro

    Just Add Code: How To Grow Your Own Developers

    At this point, it’s not news to say that there’s a tech and data skills shortage in the UK. Businesses are scrambling to scoop up the best talent as quickly as possible and in the rush are overlooking some of their best assets: their software engineers.

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  • A laptop, notebook, coffee and mobile phone for an article about data science trends

    How to Adapt to the Fast-Paced World of Data Science Opportunities

    Data science is fast paced and, in the post, Covid-19 candidate-driven market, being able to adapt quickly to new opportunities can help catapult your career to the next level.

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  • A black square with white writing that says 'wanted'

    How To Advertise and Market Your New Vacancy

    Last month, I looked at the importance of ensuring the prep work around creating a new vacancy was always carried out and investigated how a job, talent and reward evaluation helps ensure a great candidate experience (CanDex) for talent throughout the selection process.

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  • A data scientist working at a Macbook Pro with dual screen set up

    The Next Generation of Data Science Talent

    Last week saw the closing ceremony of the Data Lab’s MSc Placement Programme for 2020/2021, with 92 MSc students placed with 75 Scottish organisations.

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  • Increasing the Public's Trust in AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perhaps the trend on every practitioners’ lips in the Data science and technology industries, but how can we ensure that it becomes widely accepted by the general public? 

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  • Image of a trio of computer screens with someone working at them.

    Why You Should Learn a Second Programming Language

    For some software engineers, their language is their religion and for others, there’s a fierce need to explore. 

    It’s becoming increasingly common for software engineers to become polyglots and build their understanding of more than one language. 

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  • The Four Cutting-Edge Tools All Data Scientists Should Know

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  • MBN Solutions data science podcast AI Right

    How Data Science and Machine Learning can Combat Conspiracy Theories

    It's no revelation that conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on the internet, creating such massive amounts of misinformation it can be challenging for people to sift through what's real and what isn't. 

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  • Five Tips for Emerging Data Scientists

    While remote working has many benefits, one of the challenges for new data scientists can be making the transition from academia to the workforce.

    Managing this transition was challenging before but the new ways of working have added to the complexity, where people used to be able to pick up a lot of knowledge by osmosis or looking over the shoulder of their colleagues, now it’s done through video calls or Slack.

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  • Five Tips for Organisations Hiring Graduate Data Scientists

    Graduate data scientists are an important part of every organisation but for many, it can be challenging understanding where they fit in, especially if the organisation isn’t traditionally tech focussed.

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  • 10 Leadership Skills to Develop and Nurture in your Tech Career

    It’s not uncommon for software engineers and tech practitioners to struggle to make the move to management positions, which is why being among the ones that understand business concepts and have business skills can help define your career and make the jump to management level.

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  • How to Build an Inclusive Hiring Process

    Recruitment is about finding the best people for your business and if you're a hiring manager, you'll know some roles have seemed impossible to fill. I know I’ve struggled to hire people for senior roles in the past. This experience has made me think about how we hire people and potential limitations of the traditional approach.

    A common theme that I’ve noticed is that businesses have a singular approach to recruitment. Does this translate to the best candidates? Are your campaigns reaching a broad audience or are you excluding groups and communities with your approach?

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  • Three Cardinal Sins when Hiring for a New Role

    In Part 1 of our monthly series on Candidate Experience, What Is Candidate Experience and Why is it Important, we looked at the concept of Talent Magnetism, how to get started with candidate experience and common places for improvement.

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