AI Right?: Is Your Smartphone Spying on You?

In June’s episode of AI Right?, hosts Kris McFadyen, Megan Stamper and Andy McMahon look at how and why your voice activated devices (like Alexa and Google Home) are listening into your conversations and whether your smartphone is doing it too.

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  • The Importance of Data Literacy

    In a world increasingly powered by data, data literacy is almost as important as literacy itself and an organisation’s ability to succeed will be dependent on its employee’s abilities and willingness to learn this new language.  

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  • How to Start a Career in Data Science

    There’s no single way to start a career in data science, which is one of the things I love most about the industry. There’s space for people who graduated university with data degrees, who are self-taught or who have retrained through courses offered by companies like The Data Lab and CodeClan.

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  • How Tech Companies can be more Accessible and Inclusive

    Accessibility and inclusion have always been important but the past 18 months have pulled it into the spotlight. Whether it’s social, physical or cognitive we have all become more aware of institutional bias and discrimination. 

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Hire More Data Scientists



    The Wrong People for the Job

    I’ve seen this across many companies I’ve both worked in and consulted for throughout my career — we’re not hiring the right people for the job!

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  • MBN Solutions’ New Data Science Podcast, AI Right?, Breaks Down Data Science Barriers

    MBN Solutions’ new monthly data science podcast, AI Right?, explores news and industry issues with a view to making the data science industry more accessible.

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  • What is Candidate Experience and Why is it Important?

    In today’s competitive talent marketplace, it’s crucial that your organisation is seen as a destination of choice.

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