MBN Launches In Focus - A Leadership Podcast for the Data Industry

In Focus is a new data science and technology industry podcast that brings together industry leaders to talk about their evolving leadership styles, how they adapt and grow their businesses and how they build high-performing teams. 

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    How Data Science and Machine Learning can Combat Conspiracy Theories

    It's no revelation that conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on the internet, creating such massive amounts of misinformation it can be challenging for people to sift through what's real and what isn't. 

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  • Five Tips for Emerging Data Scientists

    While remote working has many benefits, one of the challenges for new data scientists can be making the transition from academia to the workforce.

    Managing this transition was challenging before but the new ways of working have added to the complexity, where people used to be able to pick up a lot of knowledge by osmosis or looking over the shoulder of their colleagues, now it’s done through video calls or Slack.

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  • Five Tips for Organisations Hiring Graduate Data Scientists

    Graduate data scientists are an important part of every organisation but for many, it can be challenging understanding where they fit in, especially if the organisation isn’t traditionally tech focussed.

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  • 10 Leadership Skills to Develop and Nurture in your Tech Career

    It’s not uncommon for software engineers and tech practitioners to struggle to make the move to management positions, which is why being among the ones that understand business concepts and have business skills can help define your career and make the jump to management level.

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  • How to Build an Inclusive Hiring Process

    Recruitment is about finding the best people for your business and if you're a hiring manager, you'll know some roles have seemed impossible to fill. I know I’ve struggled to hire people for senior roles in the past. This experience has made me think about how we hire people and potential limitations of the traditional approach.

    A common theme that I’ve noticed is that businesses have a singular approach to recruitment. Does this translate to the best candidates? Are your campaigns reaching a broad audience or are you excluding groups and communities with your approach?

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  • Three Cardinal Sins when Hiring for a New Role

    In Part 1 of our monthly series on Candidate Experience, What Is Candidate Experience and Why is it Important, we looked at the concept of Talent Magnetism, how to get started with candidate experience and common places for improvement.

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  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Tech

    Last week, I hosted a panel discussion around the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech, joined by the wonderful Duncan Hart (Co-founder of Deepminer), Fash Fasoro (Data Governance at Homepointr and Project Director at The Data Kirk) and Amber Lawther (BI and Analytics Technician with NHS NSS).

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  • AI Right?: Is Your Smartphone Spying on You?

    In June’s episode of AI Right?, hosts Kris McFadyen, Megan Stamper and Andy McMahon look at how and why your voice activated devices (like Alexa and Google Home) are listening into your conversations and whether your smartphone is doing it too.

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  • The Importance of Data Literacy

    In a world increasingly powered by data, data literacy is almost as important as literacy itself and an organisation’s ability to succeed will be dependent on its employee’s abilities and willingness to learn this new language.  

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