Boss’n’Data Episode 12: Early Careers in the Data Sector

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Early careers in the Data Sector are often defined rigidly as graduate roles, following several years of campus-based study. However, does this rigidity provide the diversity and breadth of experience and world view that the Data sector requires to be fully respondent to future challenges? Are we in danger of subconsciously blocking wide sections of the population from a potential opportunity to shine?

Rob and Calum share opinions on the state of Early Data Careers, debating areas such as:

  • The pragmatic advantages that can be gained from embedding a graduate talent hiring stream into your data business.
  • Why Calum believes that a focus on developing data talent and creation of opportunities for this talent should be a business priority.
  • What more could and should be done to ensure that skills shortages and gaps can be addressed at a strategic, national level.

Guest Bio:

Calum Mather - Inov8 | LinkedIn

Calum Mather is General Manager at Inov8 Consulting. His expertise has been honed over more than two decades of experience in the technology, data and business arenas. With roles ranging from Senior Data Analyst through BI Consultant, HR Manager and beyond, his unique worldview has seen him become a passionate advocate of early careers strategies and promoter of the importance of offering diverse talent an opportunity to develop and succeed.

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Meet the Host:

Robin Huggins

Robin Huggins, Director of Client Services, MBN Solutions

Rob is Client Services Director at MBN Solutions. It’s been over 12 years and he’s still the smiling face that our clients know and love. Whether it’s ensuring excellence in our engagement model or presenting at one of our events, Rob is often the first MBN face that people see. He’s pretty good, too. So good that he’s been recognised as one of the hundred most influential people in the UK Data Industry...twice.