Boss’n’Data Episode 15: Financial Education with Marilena Karanika

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In an era of Open Banking, AI and APIs, it’s never been simpler to utilise financial services products to successfully manage personal and business finances. However, much of the innovation and ease of use of these tools may not be widely known, distributed or discussed beyond the realm of financial services data experts. I am joined today by a Data Leader who believes passionately in deeply understanding our financial behaviours and patterns to help us maximise our financial potential.

Rob and Marilena discuss many aspects of where innovation and data driven products can improve
personal financial management, including:

  • How organisational data-driven decision making, like credit scoring, has become better understood by the public and how this understanding can improve wider personal financial management
  • Some of the products and tools that are available to help individuals manage their finances more effectively and the impact this can have on areas like health and quality of life
  • The risks associated with allowing tools like AI to make decisions on our behalf, rather than utilising them as an aid to our own financial decision making.

Guest Bio:

Marilena Karanika - Experian | LinkedIn

Marilena Karanika is the Head of Innovation at Experian, providing data and analytics support across different product domains such as affordability, credit risk and insurance. She has a background in credit risk modelling and loves translating data into behavioural insights that people and organisations can use to make better decisions.

She is passionate about the power of financial education and collaborates with universities and professional bodies to promote a better and wider understanding of analytics in financial services She has been voted Innovator of the Year 2021 in the Women in Credit Awards and has been nominated for the UK Tech Professional Award in the Data category in 2024.

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Robin Huggins

Robin Huggins, Director of Client Services, MBN Solutions

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