The Data Science Talent Wars: Are You Stuck in the Trenches?

The data gold rush continues, but in our experience, many businesses are left empty-handed. Why? The data science talent market is a fierce battlefield and traditional recruiting tactics are like outdated muskets. Here's why you're struggling to find the data wizards you need:

  • Skills Explosion: The data science landscape is a kaleidoscope of ever-evolving tools, methodologies and techniques. Finding someone who ticks ALL the boxes is a near-mythical feat.
  • Unicorn Hunters: Businesses often have unrealistic expectations, searching for a mythical "data scientist unicorn" with a laundry list of skills that might not even exist in one person.
  • Communication Breakdown: Technical jargon flies over many hiring managers' heads, leading to mismatched expectations and a disconnect with top talent that can be enough for them to disengage.
  • Selling Your Story (Poorly): Let's face it, generic job postings are a snooze and LinkedIn is full of them! You need to showcase your company's cutting-edge data projects and a culture that fosters innovation to attract the best this is about classic story telling and building an effective narrative

Enough with the Struggle!

There's a better way. Partnering with real data-domain recruiters allows you to:

  • Target the Right Skills: We go beyond resumes, utilising skill-based assessments and in-depth conversations to identify the perfect fit, even if their background isn't conventional.
  • Speak the Data Language: We bridge the communication gap, ensuring your vision resonates with top talent who understand the project's true potential.
  • Craft Compelling Narratives: We ditch the generic job descriptions and create stories that showcase a company's data-driven mission and exciting projects, making you a magnet for the very best in data talent.

Ready to stop sifting through hundreds of CVs and finally find the data scientists who can propel your business forward? Let's chat!

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Author Bio


Michael started MBN to deal with what he perceived as a weakness within the recruitment industry and its lack of deep domain expertise in the areas of data, analytics and technology. 15 years on, MBN is a hugely successful and market leading provider of People Solutions to disruptive and fast moving businesses seeking the very best talent to support their strategic intent. MBN’s success has come about through leadership and passion to collaborate and build communities of stakeholders. In recent years this has been evidenced through organising and facilitating two of the UK’s most compelling networking groups: Scotland Data Science & Technology and Blockchain Scotland Meet-Up Group. With such groups playing a pivotal role in helping to surface unmet clients’ needs and helping to build links with an enhanced candidate pool, he has also used this as a platform for growth by hosting events such as ScotChain, CityChain and Data Talent 2.0. Outside of MBN, he continues to act as an advisor and mentor to a number of start-ups, charities and third-sector organisations and have provided support to many government agencies seeking to understand the evolving complex landscape of Data Talent Acquisition.