BossNData Episode 18: Make Data Simple Again with Colin Parry

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The last 20 years have witnessed an incredible growth in the requirement for data-driven decisioning within many aspects of society – from the commercial world, through governmental and civil service decision making, to the services we all rely upon as citizens. Reliance on fact, science and predictability has replaced HiPPO decision making, gut instinct and guesswork and now that the genie is out of the bottle, there’s no going back. However, is the industry overcomplicated? Accidently or deliberately? Are the companies that sell products and solutions in the data sector muddying the waters for their own benefit?

Join Rob and Colin as they discuss:

  • Some of the impacts that a lack of data literacy can have within organisations.
  • How global finance and investment has impacted the data industry.
  • How platforming the smaller, more mundane industry wins might create more realistic expectations in industry entrants.


Guest Bio:

Colin Parry

Colin Parry is the founder of Head for Data, a consultancy helping businesses across Scotland and beyond to get their heads around data. He previously co-founded the data science function within Aggreko before moving on to be Director of Data Science at a proptech SaaS startup, where his innovative solutions resulted in four patents being awarded.

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Meet the Host:

Robin Huggins

Robin Huggins, Director of Client Services, MBN Solutions

Rob is Client Services Director at MBN Solutions. It’s been over 12 years and he’s still the smiling face that our clients know and love. Whether it’s ensuring excellence in our engagement model or presenting at one of our events, Rob is often the first MBN face that people see. He’s pretty good, too. So good that he’s been recognised as one of the hundred most influential people in the UK Data Industry...twice.