Boss’n’Data Episode 17: The Human Side of Data with Jade Jones

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Often, the focus within the data sector is on ever-changing landscape of strategies, tools, techniques and technologies. Arguably, though, the most important single element the industry has are the people who work within it. Gifted, resilient, intelligent and so much more, The Human Side of Data are the innovators, nurturers, practitioners, storytellers and curators who work in our data teams and who turn up day after day, year after year, and no matter what shiny new piece of kit we are being told is going to change our lives this year. 

Rob and Jade explore:

  • The role of the people leader in today’s data sector – and why it’s time to “fight the good fight” as technologies like LLMs and AI become more widespread.
  • How understanding “Psychology of Data” – and exploring areas like cognitive bias may lead to fairer, more equitable industry outputs.
  • Why “Freedom within a Framework” can allow people leaders to develop unique nurturing strategies for their teams.


Guest Bio:

Jade Jones - Sainsbury's Digital, Tech and Data | LinkedIn

Jade Jones is extraordinarily passionate about ‘people first’ when it comes to data, empowering individuals to feel confident to explore creative solutions and be comfortable with ‘fast failure’; and the critical role we as leaders must play in this. Jade has been recognized as one of these leaders, reaching the finalist stage in the Rising Star Award category at the British Data Awards, and winning the Data Radical award. Jade is a keen mentor, a key contributor to the Women in Tech and Data forums, and a regular panellist who is passionate about communal knowledge and support when it comes to career progression. 

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Meet the Host:

Robin Huggins

Robin Huggins, Director of Client Services, MBN Solutions

Rob is Client Services Director at MBN Solutions. It’s been over 12 years and he’s still the smiling face that our clients know and love. Whether it’s ensuring excellence in our engagement model or presenting at one of our events, Rob is often the first MBN face that people see. He’s pretty good, too. So good that he’s been recognised as one of the hundred most influential people in the UK Data Industry...twice.