Visually driven data science and analytics - in Formula 1 and beyond

Recap Summary

Another fascinating and interesting event in Edinburgh, for our most recent Data Science Community event, delivered in partnership with The Data Lab and hosted by the University of Edinburgh at the impressive Bayes Centre.

The event was very busy, we actually had one or two people sitting on the ground, it’s fantastic to see the community coming together to join us for our events.

We were joined by Colin Gray, Senior Lead Data Scientist, TIBCO for a presentation on ‘Visually driven data science and analytics - in Formula 1 and beyond’

We explored the boundaries of existing packages, discussed ways to operate beyond-code and motivate the development of innovative algorithms to meet outstanding needs in industry.

5 Main Takeaways:

  1. Graeme McDermott
  2. Chief Data Officer & Data Protection Officer at Tempcover joined the live stream and provided us with his main takeaways from the event.
  4. 1. Data science in real time, when traditional analytics and even lots of data science is often an offline activity with quorum to agree outputs and productionisation, is a real challenge. Colin gave some real life examples of visual data science in real race time – no pressure Colin!
  6. 2. Live demo of data science is a dangerous challenge and if you don’t succeed then try try again and a live demo will wow your audience. Luckily Colin tried and tried again to get the demo working.
  8. 3. Surprised by the comment that the onsite engineers at race day use on premise tech as they have invested heavily in it and it more reliable than cloud
  10. 4. Really interesting question around data sharing amongst teams…perhaps no surprise the answer is no…but perhaps it might be in the rule book in future to allow the lower spending teams to learn from the big spenders?
  12. 5. Clearly if you are a F1 geek like me (I even have a F1 themed number plate) then this is a must watch video!

Colin Gray, Senior Lead Data Scientist, TIBCO


With 20 years of experience in data science and analytics, Colin has worked in multiple industries covering a wide breadth of business needs. Throughout this time he has led data analysis and modeling projects, development of methods to make better use of data with a key focus on how to better communicate data and any action derived from data science. As a part of the TIBCO data science team, Colin actively works with customers to pursue this goal covering industries such as retail, finance, energy, health, and in particular, motorsport with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team.



Anyone who was not able to make it along to the event, don’t worry we have you covered.

You can watch the entire talk in full again here. 

Pictures from the event:

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