UK Data Salary Survey 2022

In this survey, you'll find an analysis of the latest hiring trends, a breakdown of average salaries over 2022 and detailed analysis and insight by our consultants. We have also partnered with YouGov Plc to conduct original research into some of 2021/2022's biggest hiring trends focusing on:

→ Purpose in work

→ The Globalisation of Talent

→ The Changing Shape of Reward Packages

→ Diversity and Inclusion

These four sections of the survey highlight discoveries from the research and will bring you insights into the split between what employers are offering and what top tier talent is asking for.

The commentary from our consultants throughout the survey will show you what we see in the market while the research itself illustrates what businesses are thinking about going into 2022.

We have all felt the impact of the talent shortage and the rapid increase in salaries over the last two years, so I hope that the 2022 salary survey can signal to businesses that it’s time to start rethinking their reward packages, the impacts of talent globalisation, purpose in work and the importance of diverse and inclusive workplaces.

- Michael Young - Chief Executive Officer

To download our UK Data Salary Survey 2022 click here.