1 September 2021

The Next Generation of Data Science Talent

Last week saw the closing ceremony of the Data Lab’s MSc Placement Programme for 2020/2021, with 92 MSc students placed with 75 Scottish organisations.

The event brought The Data Lab together with its partners, students and host organisations to showcase the achievements of one of the programme’s most successful years.

The 75 organisations that participated in this year’s programme were given an exclusive look at the pipeline of data science talent coming out of university.

MSc Project Awards

Each student who undertook a placement was encouraged to submit a video, detailing their project alongside their industrial supervisor.

MBN judged the Project Award videos and presented the award to Anabel Sinclair, who worked with Filament, an SME, creating a data science notebook for teams. Anabel had a big impact on the team, bringing her knowledge of data science, as well as her interpersonal skills to help the team develop and grow.

An honourable mention went to three students:

Amro Alfadil, who worked with The Data Kirk and created dashboards and visualisations allow stakeholders to make better decisions.

Ihsan Riaz, who worked with Natwest on using advanced AI techniques which could be used to detect fraud.

Rachana Patel, who worked with ST Microelectronics on developing a classification tool to help improve ST Microelectronics' efficiency.

All of the projects that were presented showed off the depth and breadth of the students’ data skills and it’s clear they all have a bright future ahead of them.

The Future of Data Talent

The partnerships created by the MSc Placement Programme have helped kickstart these careers and equip the soon-to-be graduates with guidance from industry experts about how to establish themselves in the data community. It’s safe to say this year’s cohort is one to watch.

Scotland’s Data Science and Technology really supported and bolstered up the programme this year, impacting lots of students and organisations.

Organising the MSc Placement Programme has been a tremendous experience, that, this year alone, has helped kickstart the careers of more than 90 data science students by connecting them with 75 incredible organisations from across the country.

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Bethany (not Beth, it’s never Beth) is Project Manager. Most well known for her work with MBN Academy and The Data Lab, Bethany has led workshops on diversity and inclusion, employability and upskilling across the country. She has a cat and pretty much everyone worth knowing likes cats.