29 July 2021

MBN Launches In Focus - A Leadership Podcast for the Data Industry

In Focus is a new data science and technology industry podcast that brings together industry leaders to talk about their evolving leadership styles, how they adapt and grow their businesses and how they build high-performing teams. 

In this series, host Seb Mackay (formerly Scottish Business Podcast and MBN Marketing Manager) talks with business leaders from Engine B, Exizent, Black Isle Group, Visible Capital and Standard Life one on one and in-depth, getting the scoop on what makes them tick - from morning routines to walking meetings - and their journey to the top of their industry.

Episode one of In Focus, How Successful Business Leaders Manage Teams, featuring Aggreko's Director of Insights, Elizabeth Hollinger, launches today with episode two following shortly after. 

Elizabeth, who was recently a panellist on Exploring the Future of Talent, talks about the importance of having cognitive diversity in your teams and how and why she hires people across the experience spectrum including people without relevant degrees or that are new to the industry and people who have been in the industry their whole lives. 

She says, "first and foremost, my aim is to always empower my team and everyone in it to be able to do the best that they can do. So by and large what I try to to do is enable that for them and understand where their strengths are and to help to draw those out and utilise them across the team."

It wouldn't, of course, be 2021 if we didn't talk about working from home and hybrid working models. 

Elizabeth's team at Aggreko has always been hybrid and that will continue for the foreseeable future, so she knows all of the benefits and draw backs that come with it. 

"Particularly over the last year, where working remotely has been stressful for people, both having to work remotely but also with what is going on in the world and their concerns about their friends, family and themselves...it's really just about being compassionate and understanding what people need. 

"What's been a little bit more difficult with doing that remotely is that you're able to physically see how people are doing. You can't see whether someone is working late consistently or if someone looks a little bit stressed or overwhelmed.

"You're relying on trying to reach out virtually to people, via Teams or chats or video calls and that's been a little bit more tricky but it's all the more important to have that open communication and dialogue across the whole of the team."

In Focus releases every fortnight starting today.

Episode one, with Exploring the Future of Talent panellist and Aggreko’s Director of Insights, Elizabeth Hollinger is streaming now on all major podcast platforms.

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