20 December 2021

In Focus: Leadership with Visible Capital

In this episode of In Focus, we talk with Ross Laurie, founder and CEO of Visible Capital. Ross talks about how founders don't always get everything right (and what it takes to be a good founder), developing a nose for good hires and reveals the interview questions he asks people that want to join his team.

Visible Capital uses PSD2/Open Banking data to automate the collection of information required to onboard clients in the wealth sector (Providers, Platforms & IFAs). The benefits include reducing friction for customers, improved accurate insight for customers and investment managers, and ensuring compliance with MiFID II in a way that could move the whole market towards real-time customer insight.

What are some of your tricks for interviewing people to know if they're a good fit?

Ross Laurie, Visible Capital - having life outside of work


Were you the kind of person that always wanted to start a business or did you fall into it?

Ross Laurie, Visible Capital - starting a business


Want to learn more about Ross Laurie's leadership style and how Visible Capital was created? Check out the full episode at the link below or stream it on all major podcast platforms.