6 December 2021

In Focus: Leadership with Exizent

In this fortnight's episode of In Focus, we sit down with COO and Co-Founder of Exizent, who built his team fully remotely. We talk about how to build remote culture, the impact this has on established leadership styles and his advice for people stepping into leadership positions. 

Exizent is an innovative, UK-based, technology company.  Our personal experiences have led to our purpose – to improve the bereavement experience for everyone involved. We believe that the administrative tasks facing families after the death of a loved one should be easier, and that modern technology solutions and services can make this a reality.  Exizent have spent the last year carefully designing, developing and testing our product in the real world using innovative partners and are now at the next stage of our roadmap: to build a passionate team and culture and develop the next phase of our solutions.  

How did you establish your leadership style over the course of your career?

How to be a leader - Aleks - Exizent


How has your leadership style changed since starting Exizent remotely?

Change in Leadership Style - Aleks - Exizent


Exizent is a fully remote company, how did you build culture remotely?

Building culture virtually - Aleks - Exizent-1


Learn more about building culture in a remote first business with the full episode of In Focus, which you can stream below and on all major podcast hosting platforms.