13 December 2021

In Focus: Leadership with Black Isle Group

In this episode of In Focus, we talk with Atholl Duncan, Chair of the Black Isle Group. Atholl is an executive coach and mentor and we talk about his change in leadership style since the start of the pandemic, democracy in business, building trust in management teams and how to build resilience in the workplace using Nudge technology. 

Black Isle Group (BIG) is a leadership development and performance improvement business. We work with the leaders of many of the world’s best-known companies to change behaviours and deliver results. Through the BIG Approach, we deliver lasting change and drive a dramatically different return on our clients’ investment in people development.

How has your leadership style changed with the shift to remote work? 

Change in Leadership Style, Atholl Duncan


How can management teams ensure that their employees trust them during unpredictable and volatile times, like the pandemic? 

Trust in Management-1


Further to that, how can we build emotional resilience in our teams?


Resiliance-Nudge Technology


Do you think that, with the changes wrought by the pandemic, businesses are moving towards being more democratic?


Democracy in Business


Get more of Atholl's insights and learn about his book, Leaders In Lockdown, by listening to the full episode of In Focus below. You can also stream it on all major podcast services.