15 November 2021

In Focus: Leadership with Aggreko

Leadership styles have been the subject of much conversation throughout the past 18 months as the data science industry has shifted into the world of remote work.

In Focus, our data science leadership podcast, explored leadership with Elizabeth Hollinger, Director of Insights at Aggreko.

Elizabeth Hollinger is the director of insights at Aggreko and is ranked among the most influential practitioners in data and analytics in Data IQ’s Big Data 100. She has held senior roles at Deloitte UK and is the Chief Data Officer Governing Body Member at Evanta, a Gartner company. Elizabeth has been a guest on many industry panels and podcasts talking about diversity and inclusion in the data industry and how to develop a leadership style.

Can you tell me how you would describe your leadership style?

Aggreko - Leadership Podcast - Leadership Style and Cognitive Diversity-1


Why is it important to lead with compassion and empathy?

Aggreko - Leadership Podcast - Leading with Compassion and Empathy


What are the biggest things you’ve learned about your leadership style since the shift to remote work?

Aggreko - Leadership Podcast - What shes learned about her style


How do you build trust in your team?

Aggreko - Leadership Podcast - Trust


How do you support new hires when you’re working remotely?

Aggreko - Leadership Podcast - Supporting New Hires during Lockdown



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