1 September 2021

How to Adapt to the Fast-Paced World of Data Science Opportunities

Data science is fast paced and, in the post, Covid-19 candidate-driven market, being able to adapt quickly to new opportunities can help catapult your career to the next level.

That said, keeping up with trends can be challenging, so we wanted to break it down and make it as easy as possible.

These are our four tips for keeping on top of data science opportunities in a candidate-driven market.

Read widely

Build time into your week for your own learning and development. It can be as little as thirty minutes to listen to a data science podcast, keeping on top of interesting news and opinions or pick up a book.

Curating your reading and podcast list can help with this. Follow data science, AI and machine learning experts on social media and Medium.

We recommend getting started with:

Adam Sroka’s Data Science Blog

AI Right? Scotland’s Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Podcast

Attending Community Events

Keeping an Eye on Tableau’s Blog


Like me, you have probably lost count of how many times you have heard a speaker at a Data Science conference talk about failing fast. It has been over-hyped. However, the most successful data science leaders I know embrace that ethos. Their teams discover and master new application areas through the freedom to test and learn.


We’ve shared before on the importance of building and maintaining a network as a Data Scientist. When spotting potential new application areas, there is often too much unknown to tackle it alone. Collaboration can help turn an idea or a hunch into something successful and innovative.

Different collaborations can include academia, technology providers, existing suppliers or even just other parts of your own business. It’s always worth investigating what others already know.

Talk with Others

As the oft quoted old BT advert said, “it’s good to talk”. Have you discovered the benefit of chatting about your application areas or even just ideas with others working in Data Science? If not, then read on, I recommend searching out a local event or “meet up”.

I hope those thoughts have helped you. At MBN we want to encourage the wider Data Science community to keep developing.

As part of that commitment, we regularly host a range of both themed events and meet-ups. For instance, the Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetup. There is plenty of chat about new application areas and challenge there, with shared knowledge and collaboration as a result.

Our meet ups are free to join and open to everyone. You can sign up to them here.