AI Right? Exploring Data Engineering with ML

AI Right? Episode 9 – Exploring Data Engineering with ML

Our latest episode of AI Right? is out now. This time out Kris Megan and Andy are joined by Euan Vance from MBN Solutions in welcoming Andreas Lang, lead Data Engineer at Altruistiq.

Tune in now to catch up with the episode where we discussed:

- What is Data Engineering?
- Why is it important for Machine Learning & AI?
- Where should Data Engineers sit within a business?
- How much Data Engineering should Data Scientist’s or Machine Learning Engineers do?
- Favourite Data engineering Tools?
- Have you applied ML within Data Engineering pipelines?
- How do we make Data Engineering careers more attractive?


You can view the full episode of AI Right? here:

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Host Bios 


Kris McFadyen

Kris is an Associate Director at data science and technology recruitment company MBN Solutions. He has worked closely with the UK and Europe’s data markets and leaders for the past six years. He brings in-depth knowledge of the data market’s talent challenges and opportunities to AI Right? 

Megan Stamper

Megan is a principal data scientist in the media industry and leads a team focusing on conversational artificial intelligence and recommendation mechanics. She has a PhD in Oceanographic Fluid Mechanics and has previously worked for The Financial Times. 

Andy McMahon

Andy is the winner of Data Scientist of the Year at the International Data Science Awards 2019 and has worked as a lead data scientist at Streamba and Aggreko. He has a PhD in condensed matter physics and is currently focused on innovations in machine learning.