Diversity in the Workplace

Welcome to the MBN Solutions UK Data Salary Survey 2022 Podcast Series

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The MBN Solutions UK Data Salary Survey 2022 was produced to provide an analysis of the latest hiring trends in data as well as a breakdown of salaries by role and region across the UK.

The survey was augmented by research we conducted around 4 main topic areas that we, our clients, and our community regard as crucial to the attraction of niche talent such as data analysts, data scientists and data engineers, focusing on:

   -  Purpose in Work

   - The Globalisation of Talent

   - The Changing Shape of Reward Packages

   - Diversity & Inclusion

In each episode of this podcast series, we will take a deeper dive into one of these topics – with a special guest providing their input based on their background and experience in the data space. 

In this episode we take a deeper dive into Diversity in the workplace.

As increased globalisation and remote working patterns have presented themselves because of recent societal events, opportunities for organisations to attract and retain a more diverse and inclusive data talent pool have never been better. However, it remains to be seen whether some of the widespread gains in DE&I that the last two years have presented are a fundamental change in the data talent landscape or a temporary blip.

On this episode we were joined by Elizabeth Hollinger, Director of Insights, Data and Applications Development at Aggreko,


     3 Main Takeaways:

1 ) Data leaders should look for cognitive diversity in addition to protected characteristic diversity

2 ) Organisational self-awareness is key to any successful diversity and inclusion initiative. The status quo must drive change

3 )The data sector naturally lends itself to a more diverse workforce than the broader technology space, but organisations must embrace the challenges that this brings and more work is required to reap the full benefits


Guest Bio:

Elizabeth Hollinger

Elizabeth Hollinger, Director of Insights, Data and Applications Development at Aggreko,

Elizabeth leads the data engineering, data science, business intelligence and application development teams at Aggreko. She is responsible for developing and executing their data strategy and leading the transformation across Aggreko to become an insight-driven organisation. Working collaboratively across their global business, she works with teams to integrate the output of leading-edge analytical capability to in-house applications, making it easy for the business to have access to the right information to support insight-driven decision-making.

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Meet the Host:

Robin Huggins

Robin Huggins, Director of Client Services, MBN Solutions

Rob is Client Services Director at MBN Solutions. It’s been over 12 years and he’s still the smiling face that our clients know and love. Whether it’s ensuring excellence in our engagement model or presenting at one of our events, Rob is often the first MBN face that people see. He’s pretty good, too. So good that he’s been recognised as one of the hundred most influential people in the UK Data Industry...twice.