AI Right? Episode 13 – Conversational AI

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Our latest podcast focuses on Conversational AI. We were joined by John Alexander, Head of Conversational AI for Arria NLG, a global leader within Natural Language Genenration (NLG). We discuss the evolution of NLG in particular Large Language Models and ChatGPT.

3 key takeaways from the session:

  • - Understanding what Natural Language Generation is and how it can benefit your business

- How ChatGPT has explainability and trust issues as you cannot question where it is getting it’s information from

- The future of Large Language Models from a text and voice perspective. We discuss an increased amount of customer service roles being done by Bots, how voice assistants can transform traditional BI tools and it’s capabilities to impersonate people’s writing style (Deep Fakes)


Guest Bios:

john alexander 2

John Alexander - Head of Conversational AI for Arria NLG

John is currently the Head of the conversational AI workstream at Arria NLG, the global leader in the field of artificial intelligence known as natural language generation (NLG).  He started his career in Arria after completing a PhD at the University of Aberdeen, studying Reinforcement Learning. He joined Arria as a Data Scientist working on everything from creating models in R and Python to full stack development. Moving on to become a Senior Data Scientist, then a Product Owner specialising in Data Science and Machine Learning based projects working mostly within the Conversational AI analytical reporting space, for BI tools such as PowerBI, MicroStrategy, Tableau, before moving into his current role within the company.

Meet the Hosts:

Kris McFadyen Bio

Kris McFadyen

Kris is an Associate Director at data science and technology recruitment company MBN Solutions. He has worked closely with the UK and Europe’s data markets and leaders for the past six years. He brings in-depth knowledge of the data market’s talent challenges and opportunities to AI Right? 

Andy McMahon Bio

Andy McMahon

Andy is the winner of Data Scientist of the Year at the International Data Science Awards 2019 and is currently Head of MLOps for Data Innovation at NatWest Group. He has a PhD in condensed matter physics and is currently focused on innovations in machine learning and ML Ops.