AI Right? Episode 10 – Discovering ML Ops

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In this episode, we welcome Audrey Leteve onto the show to discuss ML Ops and the impact that it has been making across Data Science alongside that we discuss what ML Ops is when your organisation should start to adopt it, and what technical skills are necessary to perform it. 

We also discuss; 

  • - Understanding what ML Ops is and how it is performed
- Realising when your business is ready to adopt ML Ops and who should own it within your business
- Understanding the technical skills required to perform ML Ops, how you can monitor model performance and applying it to any algorithm


Guest Bio:



Audrey Leteve, Customer Data Scientist at


Meet the Hosts:

Kris McFadyen Bio

Kris McFadyen

Kris is an Associate Director at data science and technology recruitment company MBN Solutions. He has worked closely with the UK and Europe’s data markets and leaders for the past six years. He brings in-depth knowledge of the data market’s talent challenges and opportunities to AI Right?

Megan Bio Pic

Megan Stamper

Megan is a principal data scientist in the media industry and leads a team focusing on conversational artificial intelligence and recommendation mechanics. She has a PhD in Oceanographic Fluid Mechanics and has previously worked for The Financial Times.

Andy McMahon Bio

Andy McMahon

Andy is the winner of Data Scientist of the Year at the International Data Science Awards 2019 and is currently Head of MLOps for Data Innovation at NatWest Group. He has a PhD in condensed matter physics and is currently focused on innovations in machine learning and ML Ops.