AI Right? Episode 12 – A Year in AI

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Our recent Live Podcast event took place in the MBN Head Office, where we recorded the latest episode of Ai Right? focusing on this year in AI in front of a live studio audience. We also held a Q&A after the show.

The episode was a recap on 2022 within AI & ML discussing in particular how the industry recovered after Covid19, how data science communities have started to rebuild, how ML Ops has had a big impact in how companies are now operating and how the industry has evolved in its adoption and operation of data science activity. 

We then discussed what changes we expect and hoped to see in 2023.

3 key takeaways from the session:

  • - It seems that organisations have mastered how ML models are created and deployed and are now at the next step of their evolution as they tackle performance monitoring, measuring their success and understanding operational impact on business.

- Next generation of AI Models (Large Language Models & Text to Image Models) will impact businesses and their content moving forward.

- Increases in data adoption and commercial appreciation of its capabilities has made huge strides due to the importance of people generating value, communicating their value and bringing people along with them on their journey.


Guest Bios:

Ewan Nicolson-1

Ewan Nicolson - Head of Data Science at Forecast

Ewan graduated in 2006 with a BSc in Physics. Since then he's built a career in data. He has a breadth of experience in technical roles, covering the fields of data science, analytics, and data engineering. He's also an experienced leader in the field, with a particular focus on coaching and team development and culture. Before joining Forecast he's worked for companies including the BBC and Skyscanner, and found himself in industries including seismic exploration, technology, and advertising. When he's not crunching numbers Ewan is a bit of a bookworm, enjoys travelling, watching cricket, and getting out and about in the Scottish Highlands.


Katya Saint-Amand - Data Scientist at NatWest Group

Katya works as a Data Scientist at NatWest, currently in the Conversational Intelligence Lab she works on one-bank NLP solutions. At the bank, she's also involved in extra-curricular activities supporting the Bank's climate agenda. Before NatWest, she co-founded a start-up that provided organisational analytics technology for the purposes of Human Capital Management and Intelligence & Law Enforcement. 

Meet the Hosts:

Kris McFadyen Bio

Kris McFadyen

Kris is an Associate Director at data science and technology recruitment company MBN Solutions. He has worked closely with the UK and Europe’s data markets and leaders for the past six years. He brings in-depth knowledge of the data market’s talent challenges and opportunities to AI Right? 

Megan Bio Pic

Megan Stamper

Megan is a principal data scientist in the media industry and leads a team focusing on conversational artificial intelligence and recommendation mechanics. She has a PhD in Oceanographic Fluid Mechanics and has previously worked for The Financial Times. 

Andy McMahon Bio

Andy McMahon

Andy is the winner of Data Scientist of the Year at the International Data Science Awards 2019 and is currently Head of MLOps for Data Innovation at NatWest Group. He has a PhD in condensed matter physics and is currently focused on innovations in machine learning and ML Ops.

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